Top 2-3 books

Top 2-3 books

Recently, I've been asking people who I meet "what are your top 2-3 books of all-time?" It's a really informative process to help understand the person you're chatting with. I can't find the quote that's bouncing around in my mind but it reminds me of something like:

To understand a man, look at the books he reads.

Also, it's a great way to find new great books to add to my library. ( In any case, I figured it's only fair that I explain my top 2-3 books as well. A few things I'd preface my response with. Books are like people where sometimes a book will resonate with you at a certain point in your life and, yet, when you meet them 10 years later you have nothing in common. It makes me think of the quote

"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." β€”Marcel Proust

  1. Give and Take β€” Adam Grant
  2. Benjamin Franklin β€” Walter Isaacson
  3. It's Not About You β€” Tom Rath

Give and Take One of my all time favourite reads. Not sure if it's still good or if it was just timely when I read it (in uni). Talks about how there are 3 types of people: givers, takes, and matchers. Most people are matchers β€”> quid pro quo. Some people are takers (psychopaths and narcissists) But most successful people (in the long run) are actually givers. I really try to embrace and live out this creddo.

Benjamin Franklin

It's less about this being a good book, more about Ben Franklin just being a badass. He ran his own printing press, would be an anonymous political commentator via pseudonoms, invented first public libraries and fire departments, helped the US separate from the UK. And there's so much more. AND he lived until he was 93! I can see why Munger holds him in such high regard. He also put away X amount of money for 200 years that compounded on itself and then when the money's time compounding expired in 20XX, it was worth like (X^2)*200years.

It's Not About You

Stop focusing on yourself and "what should I do with my life" and "how does this make me better". Life is about contributing to others. That's what creates a meaningful life.

Written: September 15, 2020