WIP: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away 🚧

This is going to be a very difficult article to write LOL

I'd consider myself a HUGE Star Wars fan. Growing up, I used to play Lego every night and have characters that were Jedi and Sith and they would battle it out. My Internet homepage used to be Wookiepedia and many a passwords were in reference to minute details in Star Wars the average person wouldn't get.

This is a current picture of my Lego Luke Skywalker figure on my monitor:


With that being said, Star Wars now pisses me off! Not the originals or even the 3 prequels but I am totally opposed to Star Wars once Disney bought them. They applied their Marvel Strategy to Star Wars and it painfully kills me.

I REFUSE to watch them. Sure, I should probably just radically accept that Disney ruined them, but I WILL NOT allow anyone to ruin something that I hold so dearly in my heart.

Flaws with the new Star Wars:

  • They killed Darth Vader at end of Episode VI. Darth Vader was like the climatic bad guy. Once you kill him off, the story is done. Sure shit happened after, but like it was the climax of the whole series; why ruin it by adding a "cancerous" 3 sequels...
  • The Emperor clearly dies in Episode VI. And yet he returns in Episode IX. I mean, he got thrown down a huge shaft on a space ship (Death Star 2) that proceeded to be blown up. How the F did he survive that????
  • Given the 2 points above, did you not watch the end of Episode IV???? Like they were all celebrating across the universe as if The Empire had fallen. And, yet, go to Episode VII and The Empire is pretty much still there as The First Order or whatever... 😕You think they would let that celebrating go on??? Please advise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDqgJye7hyc
  • Completely adds new element to The Hero's Journey which isn't good.
  • Princess Leia flies in space in the sequels to the original? Ahhh, wtf??? That — breathing in space, let alone flying in space — was never a Jedi power before?
  • Clone Troopers and Storm Troopers are Clones from Kamino. Sure, I know you changed the plot in VII saying that anyone could enrol but like, WTF???
  • You used to be able to fill in parts to the story yourself, which to me was half the fun! It really got you involved in the narrative.
  • Basic supply and demand. Before it was just movies that were big deals, then they had video games and books. But as they add movies for every single Star Wars character, it drives up the supply. As a result, value of the product goes down. It's basic economic theory.

So this is a shot at Disney. Sure, making money is cool and I understand why you milked the Star Wars franchise. But sometimes, there are things that are so beautiful, you just leave them alone and let them be.

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