Feedback is a gift

Feedback is a gift

I don't really understand people or companies that shy away from feedback. I'm thinking this might happen bc there are a lot of complainers out there who just seem to complain to hear themselves complain; and, as a result, people just become habituated to complaining and tune out all feedback. In any case, I think feedback is a gift. If a friend or a customer is willing to give you respectful and constructive feedback (from their point of view), that means that they actually want to help make you better, as a person or business. What you don't want is people who have given up on you who no longer feel like they can or want to give feedback because they know it will fall on death ears and nothing will be done with it.

Feedback is a great opportunity to learn from your friends and customers. Furthermore, it gives you, especially if you're a business, an opportunity to delight your customers and make it up to them. Say that they give you feedback. That's a great chance for you to go back to them, apologize and empathize with them AND THEN give them some lagniappe that will really delight them. You can turn your biggest critics into your biggest fans! #ChallengerSale

Written: September 16, 2020

Additional Resources:

  • Feedback should be given in a constructive and respectful way.
  • One way to give constructive feedback is SBI approach. You explain the situation that happened (S), the behaviour that you found to not meet expectations or breach trust (B), and then you explain the impact it had on you.
  • You could also check out "Nonviolent Communication" by Rosenberg.