How does he treat his mom?

I’ve come up with a simple heuristic to determine how a guy will treat you, especially over the long term.

This may be common knowledge, especially for women. But for me it shattered some glass.

Observe how he interacts with and treats his mom. Especially when he thinks you aren’t watching. 👀

Growing up, his mom has set expectations for him of what a women should do, what it ‘means’ to be a wife and caregiver, etc. That will likely be the basis for how you can expect him to treat you.

Why is this important? Bc guys lie (well, everyone lies to some extent). And lie might be too harsh of a word. What I mean is that guys often present themselves in ‘their best light’ so that they can get what they want. (companies do the same thing during earnings reviews so that investors won’t sell their shares, you likely do the same thing during job interviews do you can get the job, etc.)

Throw in the fact that humans discount time and thus the present seems more valuable than the future, and you’ve got a recipe for a guy saying and doing things in the short term to get 🍑 It’s only over the long term that you’ll see his true colours. 🦚

Ladies — You can thank me later 💁🏼‍♂️

Written: August 10, 2020