Now we are free

I used to (still am to an extent) very scared to put things out into the world. I wanted everything to be perfect. If it wasn't perfect, I was not going to show it to anyone and, to make matters worse, I have very high standards. I also suffered from a form of imposter syndrome; what could I write that the likes of Aristotle, Socrates, etc. have not already written about? And they probably did it better.

I now see writing and discoursing in public as an extremely valuable tool. By putting my ideas out there, I am able to let other people scrutinize them. It's a great tool for multiple and quick iteration. Compare that to my perfectionist stategy before where I wouldn't publish anything until it was perfect and getting it just right would take lots of time. Further, the scrutinization allows me to get to the best ideas based in reality possible — it's very Ray Dalio-esque.

Written: October 23, 2020


  • Gladiator — Now We Are Free
  • This is not a hyperbole — you could ask my mom — but I remember many a times doing science labs in high school where it took me close to 4 hours (at least) to write 1 sentence because I wanted the sentence to be JUST PERFECT.